‘We Are Rangers, Super Rangers, No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care’

‘We are Rangers, super Rangers, no one likes us, we don’t care.’ A favourite ditty of the Rangers faithful for many years but it appears they do care after all.

The news that a group claiming to speak on behalf of the majority of the Light Blue fanbase have stated their desire not to travel to any SPL ground for their teams League Cup quarter final tie should Thursdays draw provide that opportunity indicates there is still a real sense of anger bitterness amongst the mindset of these Follow Followers.

Calling themselves the ‘Unified Supporters Platform’ they released a statement saying,

“Since the turn of the year, Rangers FC and their supporters have been abused, maligned, derided and disrespected by the supporters and certain hierarchy of SPL member clubs. These cowardly clubs, who decided that Rangers were not needed in the SPL, attempted to destroy us when we reached our lowest ebb. Unfortunately for them, and to their bitter displeasure, the Rangers survived this trauma.

“Our supporters have waited patiently for this apt opportunity to respond to some of the poisoned hatred and unrepentant vitriol directed both at them and the club, by starving SPL clubs of much needed cash. By boycotting this potential fixture the message this sounds out is loud and clear; ‘ Their hate- filled stance against our club and supporters will never be forgotten’.”

Strong words indeed but in my perhaps meager opinion, uncalled for.

It used to be a continuing joke that it was Celtic and their fans who felt the world was against them, paranoia was said to be rampant in the east end of Glasgow.

But now it seems that the conspiracy theorists can be found lurking down Govan way.

Rangers are in the third division of Scottish football not as a direct result of a hidden agenda against them created by a cabal of anti-Rangers supporters putting pressure on their clubs directors but because of financial mismanagement.

The Ibrox club crashed and burned, like Icarus they flew too high and are picking up the pieces, rebuilding themselves in the obscure world of the SFL not the SPL.

Not paying taxes and running up debts totalling an incredible £94 million are the reasons why Charles Green’s consortium had to pick up the ashes of this once proud club after wreckless spending by David Murray and potential criminal activities by Craig Whyte.

Despite their attempts at trying to ignore it, many Rangers fans will just have to face the harsh reality that their club was liquidated in the summer and were forced to reapply for membership of the Scottish Football Association, a huge embarrassment that would have great Rangers men like Bill Struth  and Willie Waddell turning in their graves.

Yes it cannot be denied that there is a nastiness which has engulfed the supports of many SPL clubs who see this as a perfect opportunity to kick what was once seen as the establishment club when they are down.

But Scottish football does not need any more back biting and infighting.

I’m afraid the Gers fans will just have to take their medicine and perhaps having witnessed some of their woeful displays against the likes of Annan and Forres Mechanics recently some of them will silently be more than happy to avoid watching their team take on an SPL side for some time to come.

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