“It’s astonishing. I don’t know who these people are who are watching VAR. If they had taken that decision, they would have been applauded by everybody.”

It’s hard to disagree with Gullit here, the camera angles shown to supporters across the globe seconds after the incident happened showed that the ball had clearly crossed the line, and it looked like VAR didn’t want to disagree with the technology, which had not made an error in over 9000 matches before this game.

The two points dropped could be a huge blow for Sheffield United, who are trying to do the unthinkable and gain a place in Europe after many thought they would be relegated. The point did move them up to sixth, but the victory would have seen them sit fifth and in a more comfortable position, as well as making them only two points from a Champions League spot, via BBC Sport.

It seemed to be that the referee’s on the pitch and using VAR were so used to the technology being right that they didn’t want to overrule it and the technology is there to help them but if it throws their common sense out the window then there needs to be an evaluation on how best to use it.

If the Blades end up on missing a European spot by two or less points, there is no doubt that this incident will be fairly brought up into discussions.

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