Video: 442oons take part in football challenge with featuring Steven Gerrard and Adam Lallana

Though they might be best known for their parody videos and keeping us all up to date with some of Europe’s latest transfer rumours, for one of 442oons latest videos, they’ve taken a different approach.

442oons were recently invited down by LG for a football challenge to test out their new Nano Cell Display flat-screen TV, and whilst Adam Lallana and Steven Gerrard are set to take on the real test, Paul from RedManTV joined in with the lads for the day before the real players took it on.

It includes shooting from an angle at two different sets of televisions, with the brand new Nano Cell flat-screen on one side and a conventional television on the other. On each screen there is a number that correlates with the points that will be earned if struck.

The catch? On conventional TVs, you can’t see that some of the televisions have minus points, whilst they can be seen on LGs new iteration. As is often the case on 442oons, lots of fun and excitement was had.

They even got to see Gerrard and Lallana at the end.

See the full video above!

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