Video: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ features in spoof Q&A by 442oons (Part 2)

The first part of Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest spoof interview with 442oons really got the whole of the Transfer Tavern talking…

The Portuguese is finding it tough to stay out of the news at present, but as ever, 442oons are really asking the hard questions that everybody really wants to know – including, but not limited to, just who is his favourite YouTuber?

Last time out Ronaldo spent a bit of time calling Jose Mourinho and showing off his skill with a fidget spinner, and this time he’s back with a few more hard hitting questions with part 2 of his spoof interview with 442oons.

Even taking some time out to call up Zlatan Ibrahimovic, expect even more bizarre fan questions this time around.

Indeed, there was even time for Ronaldo to show off his latest acquisition – another Champions League trophy –  by discussing his greatest accomplishment, and he’ll be hoping to add another one next season, provided that he stays with Real Madrid.

Ronaldo fans – thoughts?

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