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Best Licensed Online Betting Sites in Ireland for 2022

Best Licensed Online Betting Sites in Ireland for 2022 -Exclude from MSN

Are you a big fan of sports betting? We do understand your desire to make things even more entertaining! The online world has transformed the sports betting world completely. But you also need to understand that not all online bookmakers from Ireland are legit.

There are many characteristics that you need to be aware of before creating an account. If you pick the wrong one, there are certain consequences you will probably have to deal with. For instance, you won’t get your winnings, the data you share won’t be completely safe, etc.

To protect yourself from any potential issues, we suggest you continue reading this article. We will answer all the questions that the average Irish bettors have.  We will explain how to choose the best sites, what are the main characteristics you should follow, etc. So, let’s go!

How to Choose the Best Sports Betting Sites in Ireland?

Finding the most appropriate betting platforms is not as difficult as it seems. You only need to pass through a couple of steps to reach the final goal.

Fortunately for you, there are people that love to share their knowledge with others. You can find hundreds of betting experts that have tried different betting sites and expressed their objective opinion. For example, on, you can find some of the best online betting sites Ireland. The experts there analyze every single detail which lets you make a selection of those websites that meet your expectations. Cool, isn’t it?

No one says that you should blindly listen to pieces of advice provided by experts. We don’t want to say their pieces of information are incorrect. It is important to say that each participant has different requirements and expectations. What if the betting site someone suggests does not have adequate payment methods for your needs? What if bonuses are not suitable for your way of betting?

These are all the answers you need to give on your own. After you determine what you want, compare a couple of betting sites and make the perfect decision!

Which Are the Best Online Bookmakers in Ireland?

Before we end this article, it would be good to name some of the best betting sites in Ireland. You can also find them on the link we attached to the review pages. But, if you want to hear our opinion, then we would be more than happy to share the results of our research. The betting platforms that deserve your attention are

  • 22Bet
  • 888Sport
  • Betway

But, as we stated, the experts know better, and they explained things better. So, we strongly recommend you read the review we attached at the beginning of the article.

What Are the Most Important Features of Betting Sites?

The leagues start earlier this season because of the World Cup in Qatar. That only confirms that this summer is going to be way more interesting compared to the previous one. But, as a bettor, you need to prepare yourself properly! Finding the most appropriate betting sites is one of the options that you have.

Generally speaking, there are a couple of features you should put into consideration when looking for the best betting platform. Let’s find out more about them!


The license must be present! It is the only document that confirms the legacy of any betting site. There are regulatory bodies from and outside of Ireland that test every betting site. They look at the tiniest details. After the in-depth check, they issue a license to a betting site.

In most cases, the betting platforms will place the license (together with the license number) in the footer of the website. Apart from that, more details about this document should be written on the About Us page.

Bonuses and Promotions for Betting

If you find a betting site with no bonuses, simply move to another one. In today’s world, bonuses and promotions are normal things. Most first-time visitors will get a certain deposit or no-deposit bonus immediately after they create an account. You should check out how much money each betting site offers for free.

But you also need to check the wagering requirements. If they are unrealistic, the bonus won’t mean anything to you. Check how many times you need to wager the bonus money and what is the time limit.


It is not a secret that odds are constantly changing. Online bookmakers have the full right to do that before the match starts. On the other hand, the odds of live games are changing every minute based on the situation on the court.

But you need to find those online bookmakers that use an appropriate algorithm that determines the odds for every match. If they are too low, that won’t allow you profit even if you guess some crazy outcomes. On the other hand, if they are higher compared to other betting platforms, you need to find an answer to why that difference exists.

Customer Support

Do you have any questions? Are you dealing with an issue that you can’t solve independently? Well, the only option you have in those moments is to contact customer support. But what if customer service is not professional? What if you need to wait for a response the entire day? These are all the details you need to check to find the best option for your needs.


We did recommend some sports betting sites that feature quality. However, that doesn’t mean you should not check all the relevant features mentioned in this article. Some of them may be more suitable for your expectations. After you find the best solution, work on your betting strategy and self-control. That is the only way to become a pro!

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