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Do Shirt Sales Really Impact Signing Players?

Do Shirt Sales Really Impact Signing Players? -Transfer Rumours

There are a plethora of speculations about what factors determine how clubs pick players they want to sign, with one of those being short sales.

If this is ever confirmed to be the case, there may be an outcry from fans who state it is immoral to choose players out of popularity rather than skill, and that it brings football as a whole down. Although, the fact that clubs may choose players based around their popularity may just be a reality we are all going to have to accept.

In this article, we will be talking about whether or not shirt sales are a contributing factor to the club’s decisions when choosing who to sign and whether that is a bad thing.

Increased Revenue

One of the significant advantages that clubs obtain when they sign popular players is the revenue increase that comes with it.

This is why some of the most famous and in-demand football players can sign to clubs for eye-watering prices – because they are able to make that money back and then some from the extra revenue said player would bring.

This same exact thing happens to any other form of business. Take online poker for example; the globally recognised platform spent a majority of their income on optimising their user interface, which made it much easier for visitors and customers to navigate the site and play the games they want to play with minimal fuss. The aforementioned upgrades led to the company quickly rising in the ranks of online betting and gaming providers. Small changes can make a huge difference.

Back to football, it’s in the best interest of clubs to maximise the income they can make. With football being a team sport, sometimes it can mean that managers have to make the tough decisions that will be the best for the club in the long term.

More Notoriety 

When a club signs a famous player, all of a sudden, they are placed on the map. If you ask someone if they own any football t-shirts, usually, they will either have a Messi, Ronaldo, or Rooney footy shirt.

Popular teams that feature famous players begin to get income from people who are not even fans of the sport. In addition, for every sale that comes from a player’s merchandise, the club will gain a percentage of that sale.

Not only does this lead to even more sales and income, but it can also bring along with it new fans that are willing to support a team because of the new addition.

This grants a club many more opportunities, as the larger of a following they have, the more profit they are able to make.

For a more in-depth look at how much of a significant impact famous players can have when signed to a club, check out Sportskeeda’s article, which takes a closer and more analytic approach to the topic.


Due to the various reasons we stated throughout the article, it is perfectly logical for clubs to opt for players who will bring more revenue and fame to their clubs.

It is true that this could be considered unfair, with better players being penalised over their famous counterparts. However, that’s just a part of the whole system.

There is no malice from teams who put considerable weight on signing players who will bring them lots of revenue, as in the end, that is what is best for the club as a whole.

Whether or not you think the reasons behind clubs opting for more famous players is unjust, it doesn’t affect the reality of the situation.

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