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5 Reasons Why England Won’t Get The World Cup in 2018

England 2018 World Cup BidWell it’s nearly there isn’t it? At 3p.m we’ll find out whether England will host the 2018 World Cup. I truly can’t wait.

It would be a dream come true for this country. The only downside is reflecting on how old I’ll be when it finally rolls around! But we can be certain that it would be a monumentus event for the whole of the U.K, not just England.

It’s also nice to see that they did a better job on the logo than that dire Olympics logo we have to be embarrassed for
throughout 2012.

But, being British you can’t help but think we’re just winding ourselves up for disappointment. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Russia

They need a break don’t they? Following years of financial obscurity since the fall of the Berlin Wall, they require this financial boost more than any other nation. Furthermore, their football talent has been slowly growing once again and I’m sure Fifa would love to see that blossom.

2. The Olympics

We already won one bid recently, I’m sure Fifa will take that into account. Why should England get everything all at once? Regardless of how well we could run the event, that shouldn’t need to be proven, South Africa (minus the Vuvuzelas) did a good enough job. I fear we’ll just have to make do with running and throwing events.

3. The BBC

Which ever way you look at it, unveiling corruption in the Worldwide governing body of the sport will probably have a detrimental effect on the outcome. The question Fifa may ask is what else may be uncovered by our journalists if the World Cup comes to England?

4. The Premier League

Fifa hate it don’t they? It steals all the best young talent in the world from their native countries. It bankrolls it’s way to Champion’s League trophies. It makes a mockery of the sport at times really. Yeah, it’s great to watch and our fans love it, but television rights and big money takeovers have seen attendances dwindle at some clubs. Did you see Charlton’s ground during their FA cup tie with Luton? It was empty.

Fifa likes to use the World Cup to change things, seeing the talent in our own country may only encourage foreign buying.

5. Lord Triesman

Well not only gabbing to a newspaper (albeit without knowing) but then also quitting only months before the final decision. Well it’s got to be a factor, whatever anybody says, hasn’t it?

Oh, I do worry. But what the hell, I’ll be watching at 3p.m anyway!

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Article title: 5 Reasons Why England Won’t Get The World Cup in 2018

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