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And The Oscar Goes To… Steven Taylor

stIt’s not unusual for footballers to take the odd dive during a match and show off their acting skills. You just have to watch the Premier League every week to see that. Many players don’t seem to know basic biology though, often holding their face when they have been hit somewhere else. Here is a selection of some players who need to go back to school, including Figo, Rivaldo, Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas and Newcastle’s Steven Taylor. Shame on them for trying to con the referee.

Here’s Portuguese legend Figo, who has committed a foul by elbowing his Estonian opponent, but somehow he has been hurt in the incident and goes to ground clutching his face. It’s his own fault for trying to block the throw in the first place and he needed further acting lessons to really make the incident more dramatic.

Cesc Fabregas seems to think his face is the same as his chest for Arsenal against Chelsea. As Andy Gray says the incident is much ado about nothing, as Robben only catches the Spaniard around the chest area. Good effort on the dive though.

This is an extremely funny incident as German football trainer Meier acts like he got head butted. The trainer was the main offender in this incident, as he was the one committing the head butt but came off worse. The sight of both of them falling over simultaneously makes for a good spectacle, although they have work to do if they are going to take up synchronised swimming any time soon.

Rivaldo’s acting has become a classic clip and his performance is one that other players should aspire to. Here he is at the 2002 World Cup, when as the ball hits his knee he clutches his face and falls to the floor. His acting was so convincing that Turkey’s Hakan Unsal even gets sent off, shame the linesman wasn’t watching more closely.

Newcastle’s Steven Taylor has got this acting malarkey down to a tee. In a Premier League match against Aston Villa he uses his arm to stop the ball hitting the back of the net. He then proceeds to role around clutching his midriff in a less than convincing fashion trying to make out that it wasn’t handball. His acting proved to be unsuccessful as he was sent off but no-one can doubt his effort as he trudged off the field.

Who do you think should be snapped up by Hollywood for their performance?

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Article title: And The Oscar Goes To… Steven Taylor

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