Arsenal Abandon Hazard Negotiations To Tap Into Lucrative Asian Market

Arsenal have signed striker Park Chu-Young from relegated Monaco, the south Korean scored 12 goals in 33 league appearances last season, Park Chu young was also interesting Liverpool, but  was all set to sign for Lille when he had a change of heart.

Arsenal’s chances of signing Eden Hazard this season are almost zero, as Lille will not be happy. Although not the world class signing some fans were expecting he is captain of his national team and is a natural leader, which is something Arsenal desperately need right now, the fee is reported to be around €2.6million.

Reports suggest it could possibly much higher, some people might look at this transfer as a marketing plot to tap in to the Asian market, as Park Chu-Young has a huge following back in his homeland.

Wenger is a brave man, yet another unknown who will take time to adapt to the Premier league, the next few days of the transfer window will determine Arsenals season.

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