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Arsenal’s Very Own Keyser Söze Is Leaving The Building!

For a while now there has been a European striker whose current inhabitance at the Emirates has been due to end, his status as a ‘striker’ makes him almost infamous among many a football geek and he has a string of European clubs all looking to grab him.

I am of course talking about human advertising board Nicklas Bendtner. It appears that his time at Emirates is finally over and I would like to say thank the lord this giant ego will finally leave Arsenal and either sink or swim at his next club.

According to reports coming from the Daily Mail Bendtner’s price tag of £7.5 million has set tongues wagging in Spain, Turkey and Italy. Of the teams being linked to Bendtner Celta Vigo and Galatasaray make sense but if the rumours are true and AC Milan are interested then it may finally be time for an intervention for Silvio Berlusconi.

Having just released many of the teams older and iconic stars followed by selling off Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a combined £51million, you would think he would set his sights a little higher than the man who scored 8 times in 25 appearances whilst on loan at Sunderland. Perhaps Berlusconi likes the look of his wife?

Either way it’s about time Bendtner finally moved on from his turbulent time in north London. He has had his moments there and looked to be a rising star after impressing during a loan spell at Birmingham but apart from an incident with some boxers this summer, that was the height of Bendtner’s footballing fame.

It could be that the expectation put upon him for playing for such a big club so early in his career has meant he hasn’t been able to fully express himself on the football pitch and sometimes playing for a smaller club with more modest ambitions could turn him into one of the best strikers in the world, as he claimed to be in the Daily Mail in April 2010. Not only that but I must admit there were glimpses of a striker in him whilst at Sunderland last season.

Using him as more of a poacher or a finisher like he is used for Denmark seems to be the best way of getting anything out of the confident young striker. His two goals against Portugal in the Euro’s this summer showed what he can do.

But no matter what has been said before or has been said now, the time for Bendtner to step up and start talking on the football pitch has come. It is clear that he won’t be pulling on the Arsenal jersey next season and many a gooner will be happy about that but where he will go is not sure. My guess, which is as good as any, would be Europe due to his icon as figure of mockery in England.

They say the devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist, now it is time for Bendtner to convince the world or at least Europe, he is a striker.

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Article title: Arsenal’s Very Own Keyser Söze Is Leaving The Building!

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