Why Blackburn Deserve Better Than Steve Kean

Blackburn boss Steve Kean is reported to be on the verge of the sack, after failing to meet the target of 16 points from the initial seven games that the Venky’s demanded.

Blackburn are second in the championship after some big money signings, but does he really deserve the bullet?

Without a doubt, of course.

Blackburn fans must be rejoicing in the streets of Lancashire, as it appears the owners are finally set to boot the headless chicken known as Kean out of the coop. Unfortunately, it has come along 12 months too late, but for Rovers fans, better late than never. For the vast majority of the fans, Kean has been the catalyst for Blackburn’s demise to the depths of the Championship. Of course the Venky’s are not excluded from their wrath either. (No-one will forget the chicken on the pitch)

Since his highly controversial full-time appointment in January 2010, one which helped oust his former friend and manager of Blackburn in Sam Allardyce, Kean has been an absolute disaster for the former league champions. His statistics speak for themselves, with a meagre 28.38% win record for Rovers, Kean has not only not set things alight at Blackburn, he has wound up dampening things with a wet cloth.

There have been some highlight moments during his tenure, the thrilling 4-3 win over Arsenal last season a particular highlight. For every minimal, and rare highlight though, accompanies a large selection of disasters that would make the worst of managers wince. His man management is appalling, as situated in the Samba transfer last season, adding to that his admittance that he had not seen any of his deadline day arrivals play before. On top of that, his use of transfer money is pretty diabolical too.

He may have banged goals in for fun at Huddersfield in League One, but if any fan in England can say that Jordan Rhodes is worth £8 million, has been obviously smoking a very potent drug.

Some fans may say it’s harsh to place all the blame on Kean, the Venky’s are wildly regarded as some of the worst owners to ever claim control of a formerly Premiership club. They have proven themselves to be extremely incompetent since their arrival at Ewood park, originally claiming to want to bring in the likes of Ronaldinho , to effectively selling off all their stars.

However, Steve Kean has proven himself to be just as incompetent in the management of a club that boasts a Premier League trophy to their name. His ineptitude at the basics of football management, has turned a once great club, into the laughing stock of England.

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