Bristol City, What’s In Store?

The managerial merry-go-round spins ever faster says George Caveney.

I lives in Bristol, look. And so I keeps one eye on the Robins, see?

Johnson, understandably, has agreed to go away. Whatever mojo he had, that worked so well and had them flirting with top flight status, he seems to have lost. And that’s a shame, because of all the pretenders among the yo-yo teams, I think Bristol City deserve it more than most. And not because I’m biased. I might live here, but I’m a Man City fan and nothing more (or less).

So which of the managers currently in the rotation can we expect to see unveiled at Ashton Gate? I’d better type faster, as you can bet your pasty and Bovril someone’s been oiled up for this one already. I reckon it’s a game of slapsy between Coppell and Megson. And who’s better at slapsy? Megson is.

I reckon Bristol City still show great promise, despite their league position. The squad’s strength is the gritty game that Megson can tune to better results. I watched them turn on a cocky, swaggering West Brom recently and more or less eat them alive. The great thing about the Championship is it’s so tight from top to bottom – relegation and play-offs are both something to ponder on They’re currently 10 points off sixth, and 7 off the drop zone. If anyone can rescue the Robins’ season, the baldy ginger one can.

Coppell, for me at least, doesn’t have the testicles. Whatever his reasons for becoming MCFC’s shortest-serving manager, I always picture him with a dress on.

I don’t think Mark Hughes will be interested – I think he’ll hold out for West Ham or possibly Pompey. There aren’t enough tanning salons near Ashton Gate for Phil Brown to bat an eyelid. But never, ever, put anything past good old Sven. He’s my each-way fiver at 50-1.

So my sensible money’s on Megson. As a Bristolian might say, “Wha’s reckon?”

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