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Console Corner – How to score a spectacular volley on FIFA 13

nanififa13.jpgThere’s nothing better than seeing a spectacular volley fly into the top corner for your team. We all dream of replicating this ourselves, but more often than not – like most football moments we try to recreate – it is more likely to happen on the popular FIFA series.

FIFA 13 has vastly improved it’s shooting facility since the last title and volleys and different types of finishing can be¬†practised¬†in the arena mode before a game, or in training mode.

These modes are great for honing your skills and also a lot of fun as you are constantly chasing the highest score to unlock further levels.

With regards to pulling off a spectacular volley, it is all about three things.

Firstly is the accuracy of the cross. It is important to judge the flight of the ball all the way onto your players foot. Floated crosses are usually better for volleys, as it gives you more time to judge the flight of the ball.

This leads on to the second and most important aspect which is timing. The timing is absolutely everything when trying to execute the perfect volley. Watch it all the way and when the moment is right, prepare to strike.

Finally, as you strike the ball, hold down the L2 button simultaneously with the circle button, to ensure the player attempts a volley, rather than a header.

The L2 button ensures the player will volley the ball no matter what position, so if it has been timed to perfection there is every chance he may execute an overhead kick, or spectacular strike of some kind.

Practice is everything, so be sure to try out the shooting drills in the arena beforehand.

Judge the flight of the ball, ensure perfect timing, and hold L2. And be sure to save the replays of your spectacular goals.

Take a look at the video below to see some of the finest volleys, long shots and overheads scored in FIFA 13!

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Article title: Console Corner – How to score a spectacular volley on FIFA 13

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