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Console Corner – Improve your defensive play on FIFA 13

fifa13tackle.jpgPeople often say that top defending is an art form and on FIFA 13 that is definitely the case.

When you time a tackle to perfection or make a crucial interception in the final third of the pitch you naturally give yourself a nod of appreciation and that could become a recurring theme with the help of this video.

Time on the ball is a rarity in football and especially so on FIFA 13 where the players are constantly sprinting for 90 minutes. The new first touch feature on this year’s game has also made it tougher to get the ball under control as a defender.

Allowing the ball to go between your legs into an open space on the pitch is a great way to enable a good first touch and control the possession. As a wing back this feature could be the difference between you conceding a goal or creating a chance for your own team.

The second skill that is key in terms of defending is putting pressure on the ball. When the ball is played in to your opponents strikers, closing him down can prevent the chance of him turning and having a eye of the goal.

If you close the player down and win the ball it takes pressure off the rest of your team and can be a winning combination in a game. Take a look at the clip below to see just how you can do this.

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