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Console Corner – Replicate ex-Man United star’s skills on FIFA 13

ronaldo.jpgEveryone enjoys a bit of showboating time and again. It seems to have died out somewhat in the Premier League in recent times, with too many players seemingly afraid of looking like David Dunn rather than ex-Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Whereas pieces of skill provided by the latter are almost impossible to pull of yourself in real-life, luckily you can manage so with a bit of practice on FIFA 13.

Here we provide you with the instructions on how to execute some fantastic pieces of skill. All moves assume you are running with the player to the right like CR7 himself, so adjust accordingly if otherwise.

Turn & Spin (Hold LT, RS Right then Up/Down)
Great to use around the box when a defender is running parallel to you to turn, spin and get space for a cross or a shot. Spin onto your strong foot if attempting a shot on goal unless your player has a high weak foot star rating.

Heel to Heel (Hold LT, RS Right then Left)
Can be used to fool defenders and earn yourself some space in congested areas.

Heel Chop (Hold LT, RS Diagonally Left Twice)
Perfect to use to when looking to shift the ball into space, to draw a foul or to beat the goalkeeper with a sudden turn of pace.

Scoop Turn (Hold LT, B, A + Direction)
Use when your back is to goal and a defender is close to you to turn them and get a shot on goal away.

Roulette (Hold LT, RS Left and ¾ Rotation)
Use to get your body between the ball and the defender to get past them, draw a foul or even to take it past the goalkeeper.

Take a look at the video below to watch some of the best skills in action on FIFA 13.

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