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Could favourites face World Cup ban? And why United want Brazilian superkid!

West HamMillwallRemember those scenes at the West Ham – Millwall clash earlier this season? How the great and good tutted and complained and wondered if the bad old days of Football Hooliganism had returned? The blue rinse brigade rattled off a hastily mis-spelt diatribe to the Daily Mail about how England should never play football again and how the country had gone to the dogs. Remember when we were regarded as trouble wherever we went? Some would argue England fans still are. Remember the scenes in Marseille and how condemned we were? The axe over future tournaments hanging over our head.

It’ll be interesting then to see what the powers that be make of this. Coritiba v Fluminense post-game scuffle. Or because it is Brazil, it probably doesn’t matter. After all, you can’t threaten them with being kicked out of the World Cup or their clubs barred from international competition can you?

Meanwhile in England, it seems to be the trend for clubs to sign up players younger and younger these days. Gael Kakuta was 14 when ‘persuaded’ to sign for Chelsea from Lens. God help us if any of the scouting teams across the UK should ever come across a player like this young lad, who is apparently just six years old. I can see Arsene or Claudio sanctioning the first ever creche at their training ground in a year or so.

It’s not just in England though, Barcelona have a proven track record of taking a child as a youngster from abroad and developing them in Spain. Lionel Messi was a prime example of that, could this 12 year old Kurdish kid follow in his footsteps?

And if Brazilian fans can stop kicking the living she-yite out of each other for long enough, they’ll be happy to know that they have their own young prodigy in Jean-Carlos Chera, who has signed up already with Pele’s former club Santos and who, it is to believed, is attracting interest from European clubs, including Manchester United.

If, like many, you fancy yourself as a bit of a player and feel that the scouting system missed you or you just weren’t lucky enough. Here’s  a prime example of why they didn’t, taken at the Ricoh Arena in a corporate sponsor event, where obviously Dave from accounts fancies himself as a latter day Bobby Zamora

Remember this little chestnut from David Dunn?

Well some players actually can get it right… like Andres Vasquez did in this 2007 game for IFK Gothenburg against Orebro (which to me sounds like a Cash and Carry store) in the Swedish league…

Thankfully in Britain, we have the consistently amusing Soccer AM to keep us amused, not to mention a good selection of viral vids posted to you tube of some poor unfortunate goalkeeper having his teeth knocked out by a “friend”. We’ve often accused the French of not having a great sense of humour, but watch out folks! This fantastic video is the epitome of French comedy. All I can say is, thank Christ for the English channel. 

Nice to see them recycling all our crap old furniture from the 1970’s isn’t it? Isn’t it amusing watching the previously smug French mocking a great footballer who became famous for using his hands isn’t it? People in glass houses and all that…

And to finish with if you are looking forward to the England – USA World Cup clash with about as much excited anticipation as a liver transplant, then lets hope the US bring this lady on their squad. I’m really hoping that cock from Liverpool who streaks at every major event doesn’t get on the plane this time. It’s one thing jiggling your nuts about on Fred’s weather map, but most footy fans don’t won’t some wobbly scouse cock on their screens during the game. We’ll already have Gerrard and Rooney (touch wood).  She on the other hand may be more easy on the eye, especially if Rio is having one of his off days…

Until next week. Adieu.

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Article title: Could favourites face World Cup ban? And why United want Brazilian superkid!

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