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Daly’s Law Guarantees Future England Football Success

Vertical Weight For Dummies

Terry Daly, football scientist, coach and analyst at, has a practical answer to the ‘English disease’ of
off form football performance. ‘

Use vertical weight to control the
horizontal pace of the ball’ is Daly’s Law of Creative, Attacking Football.
Result: instant top form performance from the likes of Wayne Rooney, Frank
Lampard and all of the other under performers in the 2010 England World Cup

For those seeking current examples of Daly’s Law in action, Mr Daly points
to Mesut Ozil’s goal for Germany against Ghana, when Ozil flicked a pass
from Muller gently up into the air, let it bounce and then hit a perfect
volley into the net.

Wayne Rooney only had to do the same to score at any
time. Football is a simple game. Germany’s first two goals against England
on Sunday saw vertical weight used to control the horizontal pace of the
ball before the final strikes. Mr Daly’s advice: pay attention to the common
factor in successful creative, attacking football performance so as to
recreate this same, systematically and consciously, at any time.

Mr Daly has already persuaded the English FA to accept and publish his
redefinition of weight in the movement and manipulation of the ball as being
a vertical force instead of a horizontal one. Daly’s correction flies in the
face of the ‘wisdom’ of conventional coaches and commentators, who continue
to coach, speak and write as if ‘weight’ is the horizontal force of the
ball. The FA have thus far failed to accept Terry Daly’s offer to help
incorporate his unique insight into coaching practice with England.

Now is the time for FA action, according to Mr Daly, arguing that his recipe
for successful performance can be implemented within one or two coaching
sessions and produces instant results in terms of player confidence and
goals scored.

He contrasts his particular solution to the general ones
proposed in response to England’s failure and maintains that general
solutions, such as the bringing through of young players, have long lead
times and uncertain outcomes. Daly’s Law can be implemented instantly and
judged likewise with the entire crop of present players. Euro 2012 beckons

The widespread adoption of Daly’s Law in practice will also necessitate an
important change in how media football commentators and analysts perform
their jobs. Mr Daly points to one BBC analyst’s description of Ozil’s
vertical weighting of the ball prior to scoring superbly against Ghana as ‘a
‘miscontrol’ and several other BBC analysts’ descriptions of Podolski’s
‘miscontrol’ in vertically weighting the ball prior to scoring Germany’s
second goal on Sunday.

‘They just don’t get it,’ concludes Mr Daly. ‘Both
players deliberately used vertical weight to control the horizontal pace of
the ball, enabling them to set themselves for potent finishes on each

One of the interesting points about Daly’s Law is that so-called ‘street
football’, as played by kids for generations in the back streets of
Britain’s cities and all across the world is, according to Daly himself, the
best example to date of his formula in action.

He puts such players’ success
down to the fact that traditional street soccer playing environments obliged
players to use rise and drop vertical weight in their passing, running with
the ball and shooting in order to negotiate potholes, obstacles, slopes and
other challenges in the playing environment.

Terry Daly’s Law of Creative, Attacking Football identifies the scientific
element in street football that has produced great players such as Best,
Pele and Maradonna and utilises it systematically in Daly’s Law Coaching to
get off form players on top form again. ‘Weight’ is the ball’s vertical drop
due to gravity. Mr Daly’s website at provides a
subscription coaching service for players and coaches at all levels.

Mr Daly sees England’s 2010 World Cup demise as an opportunity as well as a
failure. There is a solution – and it doesn’t cost six million pounds a

Can the FA afford to ignore Terry Daly’s performance solution?

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Article title: Daly’s Law Guarantees Future England Football Success

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