Dirty Leeds By Name, Dirty Leeds By Nature!

Leeds United have completed the signing of free agent and all round bad man El-Hadji Diouf. Dirty Leeds now have a player that will yet again make them one of the most hated teams in the country. 

Ahead of today’s Capital One League Cup tie with Shrewsbury Town, fans have rushed to message boards to provide photographic evidence that El Hadji-Diouf has indeed signed for Leeds United.

Reports suggest it could be on a non-contract basis, as the player known for his outrageous bling and pimped up cars, is now playing for a team with very limited funds; after the suggested takeover hit an unwanted snag late last week.

The former Bolton Wanderers, Liverpool and Rangers man is probably most known for his foul mouth, both literally and metaphorically. Having a public ‘spat’ with many players and fans, the former Senegal International has spent more times spitting at people than getting on with his football. A player that can show brief glimpses of his undoubted talent are now in the hands of  Neil Warnock, a man who once referred to Diouf as a ‘sewer rat’.

Nicknamed Dirty Leeds, Leeds United are continuing the tradition of having players who like to deal with the ugly side of the game. However, probably the ugliest player yet has to be El-Hadji Diouf, who will go to any length to become the panto villain.

A good signing, depending on how well Neil Warnock can tame the beast, a beast that comes with racial slurs and an appetite for spitting like a camel at unsuspected victims.

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