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Divorce Papers Served

Christopher Samba rejects the notion of monogamy, leaving a tearful Steve Kean with nothing but dirty dishes and leftover chicken for comfort.

Marriage can be a beautiful thing, just ask Ryan Giggs – The Manchester United maestro has been with his club his whole career and hasn’t cheated on them once.

But in an explosive interview with The Sun, Blackburn defender Chris Samba told his club that he has reached “the end of the road” and that he wants “a divorce.”

The 27 year old Congolese giant breaks the heart of his former love, stating “Blackburn need players who are 100 per cent for the club — and I’m not”. The news is another blow for husband Steve Kean, who has already been dumped by thirty thousand angry supporters.

Samba was philosophical about his relationship with the club, stating; “When a couple don’t get on they get a divorce — and that’s what me and Blackburn have to do.”

Fans are likely to take his excuses as rather poultry, but with the player now tired of married life, and constantly having to mop up the mess at the back, it remains a rather complex matter. Samba had renewed his vows less than a year ago, but with promises of heavy investment at the owners hen party proving nothing but a load of old tosh, he wants to fly the roost before he’s really spitting feathers.

In roasting the chicken tycoons so publicly, Samba’s certainly left Venky’s with egg on their face, and plenty to pick the bones out of between now and the transfer windows close.

There is however a serious footballing dilemma at the heart of this story. Whilst one might sympathise with Samba, nearing the peak of his career, in wanting to move on from a club he’s served superbly, fans are unlikely to see it that way. Blackburn will get relegated without the defender, that’s just common logic, and now the club must go head to head with their star player in order to maintain their top flight status.

He signed a lengthy contract with Rovers during a time of turbulence and change; essentially he should have known what he was signing up for, but wanted to cover his back financially.

If he didn’t know what he was in for when signing his new deal, he certainly should have over the summer. Blackburn still had a hapless Kean at the helm, the club had signed nobody but David Goodwille and Jason Roberts was still upfront. This is when Samba should have asked to leave.

The club would have had sufficient time to find a replacement, and wouldn’t have had to contend with potentially derailing mid-season discontent. Samba’s timing is the true misdemeanour here. He has every right to feel cheated at Blackburn, the club are a clucking shambles after all, but he has no right to effectively relegate a club because he was too naive to realise sooner.

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Article title: Divorce Papers Served

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