Ferdinand’s Call to Terry The Full Conversation


JT:Alright. Who’s this?

RF: It’s Rio….

JT:Rio who?

FR:Rio Ferdinand…you know….the bloke who used to be the England captain.

JT:Alright. You Anton’s brother?

RF:Yeah…listen, I’m just ringing to tell you, no hard feelings bruv…

JT:No worries son. About what?

RF:About me not being the England captain anymore.

JT:What are you talkin’ about mate?

RF:Well, you know how you used to be the England captain…


RF:And then, you know we all went to Africa yeah?


RF:And you wasn’t the captain no more, yeah?

JT:Yeah….so was you captain, yeah?

RF:Yeah, I was.

JT:Wicked. I thought that Scouse geezer was. You know, the one who who looks like Shrek.

RF:What Wazza?

JT:Is that his name…I thought it was that Jamie…

RF:Whatever bruv, listen…I was the England captain while you wasn’t, and now I’m not the England captain again…

JT:What you ringing me for then? I ain’t even met your missus. Her name ain’t Sheila is it?

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