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Happy & Glorious …Ringtones!

The World Cup in South Africa is upon us folks. Well I guess if unless you are a crazy from the heat Japanese soldier living in bunker 300 feet underground who doesn’t know that the war is over, you probably already knew that.

Ringtagz have a fantastic little thing going.

What’s the dullest sound in the world? For me it’s hearing the words, ‘Last orders, laydeeze an gennullmarrrn pleeaze’.

But for many it’s the plaintiff, ‘ring ring, ring ring’ you have to listen to whilst waiting for the other party to pick up the damn phone!

Ringtagz replace the ring ring your callers hear whilst they wait for you to answer your phone. And all you have to do is choose from 1000’s of sounds including music tracks, sound FX, TV theme tunes and loads more.

My fave is this!

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Article title: Happy & Glorious …Ringtones!

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