How Does Ken Bates Sleep At Night?

As a Leeds United supporter, I have seen managers come and go, ones that have brought moments of joy, others that have failed dramatically. It has left me wondering, how many of them that have worked under Ken Bates, actually believe he is a good chairman. 

If there is one guarantee in football, it’s that virtually the whole Leeds United fan base have a hatred so deep for Ken Bates, that many would rather stay at home on a Saturday afternoon then pay Ken Bates to watch their beloved team.

You wake up each morning, grasping the little bit of hope that remains in your body that this infamous takeover finally goes ahead. You pour your morning coffee, turn on your TV to Sky Sports News hoping that in big black letters screaming out to you in a yellow surface, the words ‘Leeds United have been taken over by Mr ‘x’. Instead, all you see is news about Kevin Peitersen being left out of the England Cricket side.

At this point, you do your daily check of WACCOE and Sky Sports to see if anything, just anything will give you something to cling on, and yet again all you see is a collection of result round-ups and the words ‘No News on Takeover’ leaving you motionless and deflated.

Not even the revelation of who was who at last Saturday’s home game against Wolves brings you any closer to believing the takeover is finally coming to it’s red ribbon moment. Coming to the end of your tether and trawling through the blogs and websites that devote their time to Leeds United, none can muster anything to even trigger a slight smile or a gleeful look at the computer screen.

You thought it couldn’t get much lower as a Leeds United fan, when Neil Warnock uses up all of his courage to utter the two words that Leeds United fans fear the most. ‘Emergency Loan’, you can’t believe it, Neil Warnock has spoke of the likelihood, that as a manager he will have to delve into the laughable loan market for some journeymen and kids to bolster a thread bare squad eyeing an unlikely promotion. The anger and hatred to Ken Bates is now seething through your blood, and any mention of the word Ken is making you print off his face and get out the dartboard but not for the traditional 180.

How does Ken Bates sleep at night? You ask yourself over and over again, left wondering whether Leeds United will ever be in the grasp of someone who cares for Leeds United and not what can you make Leeds United in to. The old timer is doing his best to rid this club of any enthusiasm and spirit. He’s making fans turn on Elland Road, he’s sipping his poncy wines in Monaco and as a collective group of fans we are enduring the worst period in our history.

I can tell you how Ken Bates sleeps at night, I can tell you why he wants to ruin Leeds United, I can tell you why he won’t give any money for transfers, I can tell you why he won’t sign the takeover agreement until the last minute ...because he can.

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