It’s Not Just Sheikh Khalifa’s Name That Could Be A Handful

Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Mubarak Al Khalifa is the name heavily linked with the rumoured takeover at Elland Road.

The scrabble player’s fantasy is reportedly days away from completing his majority share-hold in Leeds United.

With rumour, comes constant scenario creation by Leeds fans across the country, as their bid to rage against the machine known as Ken Bates looks to be almost iron clad. 

Love him or hate him, Ken Bates has brought stability to a once debt ridden club. His smart business approach is yet again heading in the same direction in which he left Chelsea. Overspending is not his style, more a ‘tough luck’ approach if anyone asks for so much of a slice of the Leeds United pie.

Barely spending on transfers and devising plans to create the Chelsea Village part deux, the cocky cockney is cashing in on Yorkshire’s greatest club, to possibly spend his time sipping fancy wines and telling his better half that he was the brains behind Leeds United’s rise back to the promise land.

Sheikh Khalifa is by no means the guaranteed buyer of Leeds United, but ITV news are linking him heavily to the takeover. You hear the word Sheikh and you suddenly have struck oil in your mind. Getting carried away is formidable, but as Neil Warnock suggested this week, Leeds United will not becoming Manchester City anytime soon.

First and foremost, ticket prices have to go down. Ken Bates has done his best to kill off the famous Elland Road atmosphere. At £36 for a decent seat, the football does not match the exaggerated prices, that was followed by the attitude of ‘If you don’t like it, support someone else’.

Well, if Sheikh Khalifa wants us back in the big time, why not start by getting 40,000 a week in the Championship; let’s become feared by all who visit.

Transfers, everyone loves to see them happen. However, Leeds United fans have had to endure some testing times when it comes to raiding Ken’s piggy bank. More embroiled in tussles with agents and legal cases, free transfers and journeymen have graced the not so green grass at Elland Road. In recent weeks, things have picked up, as Neil Warnock has spent a small amount of money; hopefully a sign of progress in the takeover saga.

Finally, the slick Sheikh needs to build a good rapport with the best fans in the land. The fans are integral to any football team, and currently relations are shattered into tiny little white pieces.

Labelled ‘morons’ by the current owners, even legends of the club have offered bizarre remarks of keeping up appearances, that has left many fan members riled that it’s no longer just about football. Sheikh Khalifa needs to flash his personality as much as his bank balance, and after a failed bid back in 2003, Sheikh Khalifa could win the fans over, if his heart is with Leeds United.

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