Kean Checks on Relative Unknown January

According to multiple Spanish sources, Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean is mulling over the option of bidding for Spanish left-back Roberto Lago Soto.

As a relatively unknown player, I did some digging and learnt that, while footballpress.net identify the target as a midfielder, Lago Soto plays best in a left-back position. While he is able to operate further up the field, his best position is in defence. He plays only on the left side and is extremely left footed.

He looks like a solid, all-round defender, capable of doing the basics well. He is neither quick or bulky but athletically well balanced and looks like he would be able to adapt to the Premier League.

The question is whether or not he has the talent to usurp the current line up on the left side for Blackburn Rovers. With Gael Givet and Martin Olsson on the books, Blackburn’s left-side is significantly stronger than the right. With the possibility of relegation a serious threat, is this the calibre of player Blackburn should be looking for?

With not much to go on, what is your opinion Blackburn fans? How is your left-side looking in your opinion?


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