Leaked: Queens Park Rangers Are Promoted.

From a Cardiff City site!

Obviously could be totally wrong, but Betfair has now suspended betting on the Championship, Paddy Power has tweeted that they are paying out on QPR, being promoted and as champions and a local journo, Dave McIntyre, (twitter, davidmcintyre76), has just tweeted that the word is that QPR has achieved a massive win at the hearing.

Dave is one of those journo’s who sees it as it is and although a QPR supporter is extremely well balanced in his reporting. Paladini cannot stand him and had him banned once from Loftus Road!

Wrote an excellent article the other day about the hearing and the run up to the hearing, I think the title was actually ‘Tiger Feet II’, read it to see how balanced it is. He has also confirmed that there is a mighty fine looking piece of silverware on it’s way to Loftus Road.

This seems to be backed up by a poster on a message board who works for an advertising/marketing company who deal with Norwich City. He has just been told by his Norwich City contact that they have just taken delivery of promotion bunting and runners-up medals.

As I say, could be a load of cobblers, but there has also been a couple of other messages posted that seem to start putting the pieces of the jigsaw together.

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