Mystery Man Needs To Murray Up and End Ken’s Groundhog Day

An air of intrigue and mystery surrounded Elland Road on Saturday, as Ken Bates played host to an unnamed guest and Football League chairman Greg Clarke.

The last few months being a Leeds fan has quite literally been a real life nightmare. Waking up each day has began to feel a bit like a news reporter who wakes up to find the same day keeps repeating itself. Only in this instance, it’s Ken Bates that keeps appearing day after day.

Rumours have more than done their rounds, with Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Mubarak Al Khalifa holding the most substantial claims from journalists and fans across the country. However, with photographs now circulating the message boards, some believe that the mystery buyer is Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, a member of the Qatar ruling family. Wearing sunglasses and a Leeds United scarf, it seems that a deal is now very close, but doubt still remains over who is actually in place to take over Ken Bates’ colourful reign.

So it seems we have a choice between the Bahrain Royal Family or a member of the Qatar ruling family. A royal figure certainly puts pound signs in the eyes of the fans, as Neil Warnock still wants more recruits to boost his squad’s depth. Neil Warnock has already said that he had big money signings in place before the takeover hit a snag over the last two weeks. The 63 year old never likes to give things away, but he has suggested that with the takeover, could come bigger named signings before the window slams shut. With that comes reports that Leeds United are edging closer to the signing of Nicky Maynard on a season-long loan from West Ham United.

It has got to the point, where I don’t care who takes Leeds United over. As long as the new owners use their money sensibly and show a real sense of loyalty to Neil Warnock and his squad then I simply have no issues as to the identity of who is actually set in place to rule supreme at Elland Road.

Come to think about it, Bill Murray probably has a fair bit of cash. If he could wake up everyday as Leeds United owner off the back of 3 points, then we could walk the league, get back to the Premier League and no-one would ever hear of Ken Bates again. Only problem being, it would probably get boring winning every week … only joking, ‘Marching on Together’ and waving white scarves never gets old.

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