No Lust Or Love For Ken As Leeds Takeover Collapses

The takeover saga that has quite literally took over the lives of Leeds United fans, has now collapsed months after it was first revealed to be in the motions. 

The Leeds United Supporters Trust have fought tooth and nail to gather up to date information, to inform the masses of how the dethroning of ‘King Ken’ is gathering momentum. Sadly, if your foolish enough to pay for a match day programme on Saturday, you will find the infamous notes on a postcard from Ken Bates, the postcard being on a yacht in Monaco of course. The contents will mostly read ‘they were con men who didn’t have funds’ or ‘the fan’s protest from two years ago put them off’.

So Kenneth … Kenny Boy … Master Bates … all round con man, it is time for you to take one hard look in the mirror, and realise that you have more than outstayed your welcome at Elland Road. Your odd cameo in the director’s box is met with less cheer than Mel Gibson at a Bar Mitzvah.

Your plans for casinos and hotels doesn’t have the fans planning your statue outside the ground, nor do the Leeds United family of fans want your weekly mumbling about every topic under the sun. We are Leeds United, we are not a propaganda machine for flogging corporate events and Christmas dinner bookings.

You, Mr Bates are the hold up in moving this famous club forward. You may well live in a tax haven, but if the takeover collapses, find yourself living in a Leeds United hell, as the wrath of fed up fans will ring painfully in your mind day by day. Do the right thing Ken Bates and sell up whilst you can. Go and enjoy your fine wine and cheese, the fans will make do with pie and peas.

They often say it’s LUST and not love, well words could not speak truer at Elland Road. The LUST had worked day and night to work alongside the prospective buyers to finally put and end to 7 years of bad blood between fans and the powers that be. Like going back to your ex husband or wife, the damage is already done, and the magic has well and truly vanished. Don’t be the one that reveals all the secrets, let the magic come back to Elland Road by selling up, let the fans love their club again, let Leeds United be Leeds United again.

Words cannot ascertain the heartache that each and every fan now feels after months of hope and excitement. Like a kid at Christmas, opening an Action Man box to find a pair of socks, utter deflation surrounds everyone connected with the good of Leeds United.

Ken, I salute your eye for business, but I’m Leeds United through and through. Your time is up my old mucker, do a Wall Street and SELL SELL SELL! 

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