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Of Course Sir Alex Should Sell Him Off : It’s A No Brainer

The man who has been compared to Cristiano Ronaldo but looks more like the guy you played football at school with that would rather take on 4 players at once than pass to you even if you had an open goal.

Here are three reasons why Nani will be gone in January:

  • Nani is his own man – not United man.

Nani often delights with his clever back heels, outrageous long range shoots and back flipping celebrations but aside from a decent season a few years ago what has he done for United? You may argue that he was outstanding in a game against Arsenal at the Emirates a few years back and I would agree, his goal from an acute angle after dribbling it from almost his own half was a joy to behold but like Ronaldo you always get the feeling that he plays for himself not the team.

This is an attribute that makes Ronaldo one of the best, his selfishness is justified because of the goals he can produce from nothing and even though you watch with wonder that wonder quickly turns to envy and hatred when he decides to put two fingers to his new hair cut in celebration. Nani however always wants to beat men and one man in particular agrees with me, Sir Alex Ferguson. The Scot quoted as saying: “Nani is experienced but he’s a player who wants to beat men and I often discourage him from that.” in the Daily Mail.

Fergie almost put the blame of losing to Chelsea last night firmly on Nani as it was him that decided to show off and try and take on a man when he should have been looking to take the ball into the corner flag. He didn’t and along with some poor defending by Wotton, Chelsea eventually ran out winners in an extraordinary game. Nani’s deft chip over Cech showed us what he is capable of but his recklessness at the end of the game cost United a place in the quarter finals.

  • United don’t actually need him.

United’s attacking prowess is the reason they are so close to top of the league Chelsea right now. With an attacking lineup of Van Persie, Rooney, Wellbeck and Hernandez along with Valencia and Young who are the natural wingers, Ferguson has plenty of options without the egotistical Nani to showboat along the wings. Fergie seems to be starting to play Rooney in the hole behind the strikers and giving him a free role so he can get back when needed or go out onto the wings as he did against Stoke to help RVP add to his tally.

On top of that the Daily Star claims that Porto starlet James Rodriguez has been lined up as Nani’s replacement. The 21 year old Colombian can play on either wing and was the star player when Porto defeated PSG in the Champions League, grabbing the only goal of the game. He has also contributed a further 3 goals in all competitions as well as an assist in the same amount of starts as Nani has made for United this season.

The report in the Daily Star also claims that United offered him a contract worth £60,000 a week but the winger turned it down for more money but luckily enough for him the money behemoths of Zenit St Petersburg are rumoured to be interested in the selfish, obnoxious and self centred Nani. The super low morale at Luciano Spaletti’s team needs a player like Nani as much as Joey Barton to make a return at QPR.

  • United going in new direction.

Back in the days of the three pronged red devil attack featuring Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez it was a case of give them the ball and watch magic happen. This was a tactic inspired to bring down the Mourinho empire of Chelsea, who used his own three pronged attack along with Ancelotti with great success. Now though Barcelona are the new team to beat after playing United off the park in two Champions League finals and Barcelona play as a team, a unit, as one.

The time of superstars dragging a team along has gone for Fergie and the time for a squad willing to die together as well as play together is now. Valencia and Young are as fast as Nani, as good at long shoots as Nani and can all dive as well as Nani but the main difference is that they respect Ferguson. Nani will always idolise Ronaldo and want to emulate him. He can’t do this at United because Ronaldo is too good to be replicated and Nani is certainly not good enough.

Young will stay on the bench when told and Valencia is willing to play in defence if the manager asks him. Fergie wants to end his career at United with a team that can at least match the current Barcelona side so players like Nani need to be moved on.

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Article title: Of Course Sir Alex Should Sell Him Off : It’s A No Brainer

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