Please Stop The England Supporter’s Band!

England play San Marino tonight (just in case you’ve been in a coma or living in Dovercourt) and there appears to be some debate over whether the game is actually worth watching.

The visitors are rightly or wrongly not receiving huge respect from anyone and I guess there are a number factors in this poor reception, perhaps the most obvious being that there are just 31,000 people living there; meaning you could fit the entire country’s population Wembley Stadium’s seats, three times over so they aren’t an advantaged nation when it comes to producing high end team sport results.

But what’s putting me off is The England Supporters Band.

‘Driven by the passion and pride that all England fans feel, the England Band have an overwhelming desire, together with the fans, to create the best support in the world’ it says on their official site. ‘The incredible journey the band has taken includes visiting more than 65 different countries, several World Cup and European tournaments and all the classic England games of recent times. .’

Yes. And endlessly playing the same ruddy irritating song at every single flippin’ game. Or at least it all sounds the same. ‘The Great Escape’, ‘Rule Brittania’, ‘I’m England Till I Die’. All depressingly ground out on a loop. Who enjoys this noise? I don’t and I believe I’m not alone.

Vote now and let them know how they are completely ruining, not adding to the atmosphere of International matches!

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