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Sepp Blatter’s Moronic Rule Change Madness

What’s wrong with the World Cup? Can anybody tell me?

Well apart that we will all have to travel to 50 degree Qatar in 2022, I can’t see the problem with the way it is.

However, as usual, bumbling Sepp Blatter decides that we need to mess around with the game some more. In an interview for Blatter has unveiled that Fifa are due to have a look at the current structure of world football may introduce changes in time for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

“Its objective is to assess tournaments and the way in which the game is organised. Let me give you a few examples. At the moment three points are awarded for a win and one for a draw, which is something we can discuss and decide whether it’s a good thing or not.” Blatter said.

He added: “Is extra-time the only option we have when a game ends in a draw? And if we stick with extra-time, how should we end games? Is it worth taking another look at the golden goal? Some people like it, some people don’t.”

So what is the other option? 2 points for a win? 2 points for a draw? Either way, surely it would make the tournament more cagey. When 3 points are on offer for a winner in a group stage match, surely that would seem like a much more desirable prize.

Furthermore, wasn’t the “golden goal” rule disbanded because it was almost impossible to police, not to mention it killed some fantastic games of football. Remember Alavez vs Liverpool? Liverpool won the Uefa Cup through a dodgy own goal, hardly a fair conclusion to a 5-4 thriller.

The Fifa president added:

“The other big issue is the calendar. In my view, and this is something on which (UEFA president) Michel Platini agrees, domestic championships are too long because there are too many teams and too many matches.

“Teams in leagues with 20 clubs play 38 games, on top of which they also have national cup competitions and league cups, etc.

“This also creates a conflict of interest between national teams and clubs, some of whom complain that their players come back tired or injured.

“That’s not the fault of the international calendar, however, and it’s a subject that ought to be discussed.”

So, does that mean Blatter wants to move the World Cup or is he hinting at a winter break for the World’s premier football leagues, my fear is that it is the former. Suggestions that the World Cup in Qatar could be moved to the winter outraged football fans world wide as it was judged that the 50 degree temperatures in Qatar were unsuitable for playing football. It certainly begged the question as to why they won the bid.

Furthermore, introducing a winter break would break an English footballing tradition to hold games on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, something which I doubt many football fans, myself included, would be happy about.

It can be hard to feel sorry for tired footballers either. Premier league clubs pay their stars outrageous amounts of money, yet you don’t hear of too many marathon runners moaning about how exhausted they are during training. Injuries happen, but it is the manager’s responsibility to build a squad capable of producing results when resting key players or covering for injuries. Perhaps an investment in youth development would be a more practical use of Fifa’s time, ensuring a rise in the number of world class footballers capable of the rigours of a long football season.

Now when is Sepp going to finally give the go ahead for goal-line technology? A rule change that people might actually want.

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Article title: Sepp Blatter’s Moronic Rule Change Madness

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