Manchester United

Sir Alex’s £25M Man Will Have To Choose Between Salford & La Scala

Sir Alex’s Utd bulldozed their way past AC Milan in this years Champions League and they’ll have to repeat that feat to land Milan’s target, Paulo Henrique Ganso.

Ganso is an offensive player of the Rooney mould (although  more hansom and has his own hair) and is confident on the ball with an eye for a pass as well as for for the goal. He plays his talented football for the Brazilian outfit Santos where he has had considerable success.

AC Milan have long been interested in Ganso and are understood to be his preferred option. That is however, until the English champions flexed their muscles. If Ganso was serious about fulfilling his undoubted potential he would be a fool to choose AC Milan over Man Utd.

Yes AC Milan may be situated in the beautiful  Milan with its sunny sophisticated boulevards, high end cafe culture and  the fashion hub of Europe. And Yes Manchester is… well Manchester, but Sir Alex is undoubtedly the best manager of his generation and arguably of all time. No one compares favorably with his record of bringing generation upon  generation of youth through into the first team and turning them into winners.

With the EPL at the top of its game and Serie A looking as dull and wet as a Manchester morning, Ganso must choose wisely.

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