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The BBC & FA Have Far Too Much In Common

With the most recent racism scandal to hit the world of English football now being dropped by the Metropolitan Police, the Society of Black Lawyers have hit back at the FA. The incident in question dates back to the 28th of October when the referee of the Chelsea Manchester United game Mark Clattenburg was alleged to have used a racist remark when talking about Chelsea player John Obi Mikel.

The investigation by the police has now been dropped due to the fact no victims have come forward which makes the FA’s verdict all the more intriguing as well as bringing up the question to Chelsea of why on earth haven’t they sent Mikel to the police to make a report.

Once again Chelsea have made themselves look a laughing stock with regards to their zero tolerance policy on racism, not only do they have a captain that was found guilty of making racist slurs in their squad but when they allege that someone has made a racist remark to one of their players they refuse to go down the proper channels to get it looked into.

If anything it makes Chelsea look as though they have something to hide and although I can’t say for sure whether or not Clattenburg did make the remarks that he has been accused of, it seems that, as more evidence comes to light, the likeliness of him making said remarks is getting smaller by the day.

I am not accusing Chelsea of making something up as harmful as this but simply stating the facts I have read. One other fact that must also be mentioned is the ‘Evolution of Ashley Cole’ in relation to the John Terry scandal. It is well documented that Cole was also punished for trying to fabricate a story to get Terry off the hook and was encouraged to do so by Chelsea secretary David Barnard.

Not saying that Chelsea have made this story up, just stating the facts.

The Society of Black Lawyers Chair Peter Herbert has accused the FA of having a ‘cosy agreement’ with Chelsea and claims they would rather deal with these allegations in house than get the police involved. I would agree with the FA if they seemed to be an organisation that actually knew how to deal with problems like racism but the fact that they banned Suarez for 8 games and Terry for 4 when they should have in all likelihood fired both players from their prospective clubs, just like if a normal human being made the remarks at their work, goes to show the inadequacies of themselves as an organisation.

The SBL are fully justified in their complaints and although I doubt Clattenburg made the comments, as if he did he must be a very stupid individual, the incident is yet another one that has highlighted the fact that the FA is just a club for the big boys of English football and has a long way to go in order to make itself a respectable organisation again.

The BBC are currently in need of radical change within themselves and it seems the FA isn’t dissimilar.

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Article title: The BBC & FA Have Far Too Much In Common

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