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The Monday Moaner – International Weekends

Does anybody at all enjoy the international qualifiers? No Premiership at the weekend so Albania and Latvia can bore the life out of people and San Marino can get destroyed by (insert random country here).

The weekend doesn’t seem like the weekend to me if there’s no Prem. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly I like to have a bet on the football. I do all right out of it as well. But trying to gamble on international qualifiers is impossible. You’ve either got to bet the big boys (Spain, Italy etc) and win sod all money or you’ve got to fluke it. There’s no way I could justify Armenia to beat Slovakia, or Luxembourg and Belarus to draw. How could I? I know very little about these country’s footballing ways.

Also, the way the teams are always seeded means you practically never get one exciting qualifier. You’ll never see Italy and France in the same group or England and Spain in another. So you’ve either got to watch a strong nation demolish a poor one or watch two poor teams play a rubbish match. Out of the weekend’s action there were arguably three watchable games, those being Rep. of Ireland vs. Russia, Portugal vs. Denmark and Germany vs. Turkey. Three decent games out of twenty one!

It also buggers up my evenings. On Saturday I got home from work only to remember there was no Match of the Day. On Sunday I got back from playing football and remembered the same. I was truly angry. And since that Rupert Murdoch took Sky Sports News off of freeview it was a football-free weekend. Which let me tell you is dangerous. A football-free weekend is boring, and in my boredom I developed an unhealthy addiction to Walkers extra crunchy crisps. Anymore friggin international weekends and they’ll have to take off part of the house to free me.

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Article title: The Monday Moaner – International Weekends

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