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The Secret Diary Of Alberto Aquilani – Wednesday 9th December

Alberto Aquilani

Mercoledì 9 Dicembre – Wednesday 9th December

How excited it is to be the Roman emperor. I maybe was a small amount disappointed to not play against the Blackburn Rovers but my ‘gaffer’… I have learned for the Jamie! Mr Signor Benitez he told me I was no ready to play, I mights hurt my shin and then no play for long time, I tell him I was ok, but he told me to shaddap and sit on the panchina (I do not know the correct word). I get frustrate because I want to show my silky skills, Lucas has taught me the samba tricks, I could do them all but one I could not do, it is only he that can make it work. I admire his skills.

I am also excited to have my Italian friends to come and play calcio with, they are better than us but it will be very good test. I will also have a chance to play, my ‘gaffer’ – I love this word, it is so funny – he told me I will play from the beginning but not till the end, this made me sad, but I can play with Riccardo Montolivo after the game, I will show him my mansion in Liverpool, it has hot water, and a toilet duck, Steven G say I was lucky to have the water, he not even have it.

I have started my Christmas shopping this week, I had some time to myself as I had to rest, being a gladiator makes you very tired, but I thought I better by the presents for my team mates. I might get buy a new suit for the Christmas party, I was thinking I get a new Gucci but Jamie say I have to wear traditional dress, a suit of shells, I have never heard of this. I will see if the Harrods can help me.

Ciao Tutti

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Article title: The Secret Diary Of Alberto Aquilani – Wednesday 9th December

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