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Top 10 Larry Let Downs 2010

Sepp Blatter and his bung taking cronies at FIFA.

Never before has such a fix ever taken place in the public eye and nothing been done about it. How those so called officials can sleep at night is beyond me and pretty much every other person on the planet who isn’t of Russian descent. One thing is for sure though, money talks.

Mike Ashley and his amazing running of a football club

Has the people skills of Fred West and the footballing brain of a new born child. I have never felt so sorry for a set of fans in my life. He is running the Geordies like the Dog and Duck pub team. I can only hope that it bounces back and hits him in the face but, unfortunately it will be at the cost of a greatly supported side.

Snow – Not the 90’s rapper but the naff weather

How can Russia and all the Northern countries of the world manage to stage games year after year in sub zero conditions. Here in good old Blighty we have snow for 2 days and the entire country comes to a stand still. So far this white out has ruined the festive period when lets face it, we only use it to watch footy non-stop.

Carlos Tevez

Quite possibly the most indecisive man on the planet. How can a guy who wants to leave Man City to be closer to his family in Argentina, when given time off did he go to them. . . . . Nope. He went to Spain. Changes his mind more than most people change their under garments. He either has really bad advisors or is genuinely a very confused guy. Amazingly changed his tune when his gaffer threatened to take the captains armband off him. Coincidence?

Wayne Rooney

Has gone someway to justifying his brand new bumper pay rise with . . . 2 goals this season. Another player who has obviously got a fantastic advisor when asking to leave probably the greatest club in the world. Has only recently started to show signs of improvement after being sent to the States to recover some fitness. Is unquestionably one of England’s great players, hopefully the New Year will bring the Old Rooney back to the fore.


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Article title: Top 10 Larry Let Downs 2010

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