Video Jukebox – Outrageous waterlogged pitch conditions in Kazakhstan

waterlogged.jpgWe’re looking outside the window in the Football Transfer Tavern and as usual it’s raining . However a video going around in the tavern this afternoon puts complaints of the rain in yesterday’s Champions League tie between Juventus and Celtic to shame and after seeing it you’ll never moan about playing conditions ever again!

They clearly do things in Kazakhstan quite differently as an unidentified league match takes place on a pitch where the players require goggles and snorkels to find the ball.

A tanker is in place at the corner of the pitch  but it doesn’t seem to be doing much good with the area around the corner flag deeply submerged in water. This leads to comical scenes at a corner as the poor player can only watch as the ball floats off as he puts it down.

Working together with his team mate they manage to volley the corner into play but then watch in disgust as the ball flies straight back into the water.

Check out the outrageous video below.

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