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Shocker: Paul Pogba to Manchester United

Paul Pogba, undoubtedly one of the most gifted footballers in the world, but exactly what Manchester don’t need at the moment, and have never really needed.

Before we get stuck into the nitty-gritty of why Pogba was a poor signing for Manchester United we just like to note that we all believe the Frenchman is a world-class player who has done some pretty incredible individual stuff over for United, and on the international stage. Only a fool would deny that. So, please, Pogba fanatics, don’t litter our mailbox with death threats.

On August 9, 2016 the Red Devils shocked the world by announcing that they had re-signed France midfielder Paul Labile Pogba for a world-record £89million.

United fans, who had experienced their fair share of hardship since Ferguson departed Old Trafford in 2013, were understandably excited at the prospect of their returning prodigy. He had, after all, absolutely dominated in the famous black and white stripes of Juventus, turning from a boy into a fully-fledged superstar put on this earth for one reason and one reason only: to play beautiful football.

But that mission has become so utterly intermittent at Old Trafford we cannot help but think it never really had any legs in the first place. When you sign a player of Pogba’s quality, you’re expecting someone who will give it their all every game; who will fire howitzer shots in from far and wide and just make life generally miserable for the opposition. You’re expecting fireworks every time they touch the ball; insane passes that literally only that person could pull off, or even have the audacity to attempt in the first place. You’re hoping for 110 percent commitment; no compromise.

Unfortunately, United have very rarely got any of these things – not least at the level of consistency they were hoping for. We see the odd cheeky pass that makes us go “wowee” and gawp like little children at a zoo for the first time, but they come so rarely that they compensate for the misplaced cross-field long-balls he attempts at a rate Tony Pulis would be proud of.

Then there are the silly little foot rolls he’s started to do this season. You know the routine: collect the ball on the line, foot roll, lose possession, fall to the ground with a face like a slapped behind and proceed to throw a paddy. Keep in mind, this is a man Manchester United players are supposedly meant to look towards for inspiration and guidance (for some unbeknown reason).

Which brings us to our next point: he’s clearly toxic in the dressing room. We’ve all seen the videos of Pogba and his immature band of useless cronies squirming their way around Carrington and Old Trafford dabbing at a rate no man should be proud of. Imagine if Roy Keane was knocking around – Pogba’s next dab would be into the Irishman’s knee. Anyhow, the team obviously like him, listen to him and support him, and while that is conducive to positive results in a normal, harmonious environment it has quite the opposite effect in a toxic atmosphere like Manchester United at the moment. And with Pogba evidently wanting to jump ship this summer, it has meant his mutinous cause has spread like wildfire to the rest of the team – most noticeably Romelu Lukaku (he can jog on as well).

Let’s not even mention how absent he is in the big games as well. I think search parties are still looking for the real Pogba following the games against Liverpool, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton and Manchester City this season (pick anyone you want, he was bad in them all).

You know, what makes this situation so much worse is that Pogba was really, really good for a bit. He had a point to prove against Jose Mourinho and he did it in truly incredible style. However, as soon as he had completed his personal vendetta against the Portuguese boss, he reverted back to his normal self: a half-baked mercenary whose pathetic attempts to be a superstar both on and off the pitch have completely tainted his global profile and turned him into nothing more than an expensive, useless, toxic joke.

United fans, do you agree that Pogba has been a bad signing? How would you rate his time at Manchester United so far? Let us know in the comments below…

Shocker: Paul Pogba to Manchester United
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Article title: Shocker: Paul Pogba to Manchester United

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